Name: Jaga
Current Level: 1
Card Count: 345
Mastered Decks: 0
Traded Cards: 6
Joined: February 9, 2015

Activity Log

 Date  Event & Cards
March 19, 2016 Blackjack: sauna05, bloodlust13
freebies: bestfriends10, skycyclone08, archetypes19, orangeheart
number guess: puppylove15, trance14
hangman: crewmates03, diving24, contract23
memory: forever06, teachers23, guardians20
find the pencil: fugitives08, umbrella11
wheel (orange): dogtags02, shinobi16
slots: alchemy22, roommates21, yinandyang23
xs and os: strength22, understand13, key
lottery: volts25, missing-nin04, fugitives15, purpleheart
pick a prince: badhistory15, chickenwuss03, killerintent23, sciencebros21
cosplaying: rentedkitty03, oz16, purpleheart
February 15, 2016 Blackjack: blackmail17, military14
Freebies: chidori24, g89613, tutor22, orangeheart
Number Guess: support06, magi19
Hangman: teachers10, friends19, editor05
Memory: innocence25, lovehate16, mentor05
Find the Pencil: shinobi09, magi18
War: eastandwest16, dogtags05
Wheel: reploids05, skycyclone15, hitman21, redheart
Slots: lover01, luckycharm08, partners15
Xs and Os: osanajimi05, scions20, key
Lottery: childhood23, trance11, shinobi25
Pick a Prince: setouchi13, mentor25, foundation19
Cosplaying: sharks07, contrast02, key
February 18, 2016 Double Exchange: contract15, perfectstorm11, luckycharm25 for roommates06 , goldenpair03, moderndays16
Wish: perfectstorm06, editor05, bananasplit15, contract07, shungikunakamura03, shamans13, eternalrivals21, luckycharm01
Freebies: knife24, admiration06, oneheart13, redheart
Number Guess: rolemodel01, setouchi10
Hangman: alchemy03, dogtags03, promise19
Memory: beasts22, contract15, enemies06
Find the Pencil: mysterious16, teameight09
Wheel: decade15, promise01
Slots: perfectstorm11, subway04, tragicpast07
Xs and Os: superhusbands14
Lottery: forever24, cashier12, instructor11
Pick a Prince: spoilers24, space05, necessary15, loyalty19
Found Grimmjow: childhood07, vocalists24, fugitives25, combat08
Found Ichigo: assist13, lovesearch14, military12
Make a Wish: luckycharm25, devotion17, emptiness11
February 15, 2016 Freebies undefeated03, rowadis14, edo09, redheart
December 31, 2015 Level Two editor02, heroes15, demonicduo08, ootsukimiu04
Make a Wish shinobi04, cards22, hiddenrespect04
Pick a Prince trainers07, kimono17
Lottery spoilers17, chidori17, knights10, yellowheart
Xs and Os mysterious22
Slots: enemies07, shinigami17, shinobi13
Lucky Wheel: freedom13, nishiura01, inspiration23
War: artists21, research24
Find the Pencil: betrayal16, lightandshadow15
Memory: support19, perfectstorm20, playful20
Guess Number: friends07, teammates03
Freebie: likeabird17, genuine16, nenusers02, key
December 20, 2015 Birthday Month: puzzle05, frosthawk19, owned03, maou25, yellowheart, greenheart, stamp_bdaydec
December 19, 2015 Freebies: courtesans22, strength11, bonds14, blueheart
April 5, 2015 Wheel: kingandjoker14, promise10, livingdoll20, key
War: luckycharm07, wildcat08
Find the Pencil: childhood10, subway24
Memory: innocence05, lovehate24, tragicpast16
Hangman: annihilate07, yinandyang01, freedom14
Number Guess: protagonist12, secrets21
Freebies: stake02, pioggia06, rowadis14, redheart
Blackjack: assassins01, xbladers02
UPDATE (HAPPY EASTER): shamans02, shungikunakamura15, promise10, perfectstorm11, destiny11, editor21, contract03, eternalrivals14, erotica13, mentor09, luckycharm25
March 22, 2015 Memory: exorcists14, bitethesky18, shinobi12
Hangman: violence12, silverpair24, teachers11
Number Guess: bound03, mysterious14
Wheel: bound03, eternalblizzard01
War: fugitives05, support04
Find the Pencil: cashier25, friends20
Freebies: burnscars05, tyranny14, epitaph24, key
Wish (ECLIPSE): editor01, contract01, eternalrivals02, erotica01, bananasplit02, shamans01, destiny01
New Decks: songwriter06, songwriter17, royalty01, royalty02
March 11, 2015 Found Ichigo: okama13, heroes12, beautiful16
Lottery: exorcists02, dorama08, trainers14
Xs and Os: demonicduo22
Slots: contrast05, heroes14, violence11
Lucky Wheel: umbrella13, friends24, trance15
War: secrets07, research12
Find the Pencil: eastandwest16, betrayal20
Memory: research24, elemental09, eastandwest15
Hangman: subway06, magi09, childhood10
Number Guess: research16, diving15
Freebies: outsideworld08, partners17, bloodyhistory12, greenheart
Blackjack: loversmode16, onebody14
Wish (CARNEVALE): contract20, shamans07, oneheart19, mentor20, erotica16, eternalrivals01, shungikunakamura06, luckycharm10, editor25
March 4, 2015 Pick a Prince: arkham21, subway10
Wheel: shinigami11, mentor05
Find the Pencil: crewmates23, friends19
Memory: support05, roommates14, alchemy25
Hangman: contract10, benefits20, doubledrive23
Number Guess: rolemodel08, lightandshadow11
Freebies: disdain07, greyskies02, saiyajin10, redheart
Blackjack: outsideworld03, shamans22, key
> New Decks: tutor03, blackrukh06, blackrukh13, princes04, princes07
Wish (2 Choice): editor06, editor13
February 22, 2015 Make a Wish: destiny15, friends18, combat25
Pick a Prince: provinces23, superhusbands02, cashier19, annoyance01, redheart
Lottery: contrast16, teameight04, silverpair21
Xs and Os: circus11
Slots: editor16, gunblade12, support08
Wheel: tattoos24, eternalrivals03
War: eachers11, destiny20
Find the Pencil: protagonist23, yinandyang07
Memory: childhood06, military04, military23
Hangman: devotion18, musicians13, support06
Number Guess: friends02, trance15
Freebies: denial21, kimono18, keterburg23, greenheart
Blackjack: middleblockers11, chefs18, greenheart
Wish (CARNEVALE): contract22, abemiyuki02, redpirates13, naturalfight08, editor19, vocalists14, aspiration04, luckycharm16, erotica12
Wish (CHOCOLATES): contract15, heavenlysounds05, objection03, cjmichalski05, oneheart03, luckycharm11, archetypes11, twincest24, editor18, shamans10
New Decks: trust12, trust25, kingvessel06, kingvessel11
February 9, 2015 Starter Pack: editor09, editor10, editor07, enemies19, innocence19, tattoos06, lonelyislands24, d1811, chefs11, erotica11